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Making Business More Personal

Let me teach you how to attract and build profitable, lasting relationships with your customers and clients - with an emphasis on Social Media strategy.

Do you want more traffic to your website, more repeat customers and more sales? 

Do you want to know how Social Media can help you grow your business? You're not alone. Businesses across the globe are trying to figure out how to tap into the Social Media phenomenon to generate more traffic and sales.

   As a Social Media Strategist, I can help you increase your exposure and sales, and to monitor your online presence and the reputation of your brands. I can show you how to:

  • Brand yourself, your business or your book online
  • Create an online following that generates buzz for your business
  • Find out which social media sites are best for your business
  • Get your message  heard above the noise of the "news feeds"
  • Be proficient in using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Master blogging and email marketing

   People want to do business with a real person, not a name on a page! An active presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn gives your business a "face" and personality that creates the emotional connection necessary to cement the relationship between you and your customers - resulting in more sales, and more repeat customers. 

   A 2008 study showed that 93% of those surveyed expected companies to be using social media. Imagine what those numbers look like today!

  • Social Media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity online.

  • Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the United States. 

  • If Facebook were a country, it would be the world's third largest.

  • 95% of companies use LinkedIn for recruitment.

  • 50% of mobile internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook. Imagine a negative comment about YOUR brand traveling at the speed of light!

   Partnering with iBusinessDesigns allows me to specialize in the development and full integration of Social Media infrastructures, such as Blogs, Social Media Platforms, Websites, SEO, List-Building and Branding, as well as reputation management.

   Call or email me! I'd be happy to analyze your needs, and recommend an effective strategy. I can either teach you to implement that strategy and manage your "digital footprint," or do it for you. Either way, I am looking forward to helping you create a profitable internet presence!


Susan Critelli
Social Media Strategist


About Susan Critelli

Susan worked in the financial industry for twelve years, the last six of which were spent marketing investment advisory services to, and providing support for, corporate and government pension and profit sharing plans. Her clients included the City of Los Angeles, the States of Alaska and New Hampshire, and companies like Getty Oil, Warner-Lambert (now Pfizer) and Pepsico. She left Wall Street in 1985 to become a full time homemaker and homeschooling mom.

She is an "early adopter" of technology. One of AOL's first 100,000 subscribers and one of Paypal's first 10,000 members, when Susan first ventured online Yahoo was "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web", there was no or eBay, and there were less than 35,000 business websites worldwide. Susan was also banking online and shopping with digital currencies, downloading videos, commenting on blogs and forums, and instant messaging around the time email became fully mainstream.

By 1997, Susan had taught herself some HTML and went on to build and manage a primitive, but family-friendly Godzilla fan site for her then 6-year-old son, which she monetized with affiliate programs from Barnes and Noble, and eToys. The site ran for almost six years and was internationally known.

Not surprisingly, Susan was also an early adopter of social media marketing. She has been blogging about mixing home business and homeschooling since 1996, and was among the early users of both Facebook and Twitter. With more than a decade of experience in direct sales and internet advertising, Susan now teaches entrepreneurs and small businesses how to translate their offline advertising to online media.

Susan specializes in small business coaching with an emphasis on social media strategy.

It's time to explore the brave new world of social media. Susan will show you how to stake your claim and dominate your target market!

Contact Susan and find out how your business can benefit from the Social Media phenomenon.

Visit Susan's blog for more information about social media marketing.

Susan Critelli

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What People Are Saying

"I have had the wonderful experience of working with Susan on some big projects and I can say that Susan definitely knows her stuff. She is professional, reliable and a great team player. She is also a fabulous strategist and I would recommend her on any Social Media projects you may have."

- Angela Albright, Social Media Strategist & Publisher

"Susan is an amazing team player and a pleasure to work with. Her extensive knowledge of social media tools and tactics that deliver fast and superior results create quality online marketing campaigns."

- Karmen Reed, Owner, Kickoff Topic, Social Media Marketing Solutions

"Susan is a dedicated, hard working individual and a real get-it-done, hands-on professional. She is on the cutting edge of the social media stuff and did a fantastic job on our fan page with her Facebook knowledge and expertise. A pure joy to work with!"

- Bob Warren, founder, ResumeBear, Inc.

"I became aware of and admired Susan's exceptional marketing ability several years ago. Fast forward to 2007....I had the pleasure of meeting Susan in person and was in awe of her vast knowledge and expertise. She has kept up with marketing trends over the years, adding to her portfolio of professional skills. After consulting Susan on several occasions for advice and guidance in social media marketing and brand awareness, I can honestly say, she has never let me down."

- Diana Lewis

Notable Clients:

LaRae Music
Thin Air Wireless
Family Safety Watch
Tutti Dolce Violin Trio
Cutting Edge Ministries
Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra
Whole Heart Ministries

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